A Guide To Clopay Garage Doors

If like me you have a broken garage door, then you will need to know which make of garage door to buy for your replacement. When my garage door broke I did extensive research on many companies such as Clopay, Stanley and genie, these being some of the biggest names. It was a big nuisance having a garage I couldn’t use, but after some research I opted for a Clopay door; in this article I will tell you why.

Firstly, let me discuss the price of a Clopay replacement garage door; depending on the exact features you desire as well as the style and design of your chosen door, you can pay upwards of $ 500 for your garage door. It really is beneficial to buy a good brand name door and to stay well clear of cheaper models that will only bring you problems in the future.

Next, you need to locate your garage door. The best place for buying your Clopay garage door is on line. Buying your door on line you will get a discounted price as there are no overheads for the company such as a shop or floor staff. Buying on line can work out around 10% cheaper than buying from a traditional store and it really is worth it. You can look out for discounts also with discontinued ranges if you are on a low budget but are looking for a quality product.

You next need to decide whether you want to stick with a traditional and manual door opener or if you would prefer to invest in an automatic door opener like a Genie brand opener. All genie brand openers will work with your Clopay door and this of course can be double checked by logging onto the Clopay website.

Before you make your final decision as to which door to purchase, you need to think of a few more points such as the height of the garage door you require as well as how often it will be on use.

If you choose a tall garage door then you will have to opt for a commercial opener as a standard home garage door opener will not be strong enough for the job at hand. Buying a Clopay door you will be assured a quality product from a firm favorite in garage doors. And once you have made your choice of door and opener, don’t delay in ordering on line so that you can once again own a functioning garage door.

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