14 thoughts on “Broken Garage Door Spring Repair – 3 of 3 ( DIY fix springs snap howto replace )

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  2. Liftmaster1355 says:

    depends on how often you lube them. If you lube them once a month, they should last you 7 years.

  3. vanillaface305 says:

    what a bunch of assclowns a little hot maybe….

  4. @ImportsRule007 over 2 years, no problems yet

  5. ImportsRule007 says:

    ive had my torsion springs 6 months. they are galvanized how long do they actually last?

  6. The winding bars, for a typical residential garage door, are merely 18 inch long mild steel bars of 1/2 inch diameter – which cost about $6 at Home Depot or Lowes (for a 36 inch long bar that you then cut in half). You can also order them from EVERY web site that sells springs, however you’ll pay more for that privilege. Some winding bars are hex shaped so they don’t roll away on the garage floor or top of the door, and other diameters are needed for other types of springs.

  7. A 4 inch cable drum has about a foot circumference so to lift a door up 7 feet takes 28 quarter turns. Then, you add 1 or 2 quarter turns to maintain tension on the cable when the door is down, which is where the 30 quarter turns number comes from. The balance comes from the IPPT of the spring, which is determined by the dimensions of the spring. If, in your case, you still didn’t have a “balanced” door after 29 or 30 quarter turns, I would suspect that you may have put the wrong springs on.

  8. this was my first time doing this, and i agree that you should be very careful. Installing garage door springs cost $100 labor in my area, which i didnt have at the time.

  9. SammyM00782 says:

    Obviously after work we have nothing better to do than watch YouTube videos of people NOT knowing how to do their job. Basic knowledge of residential doors is 1 full turn per foot. Honestly though, people shouldn’t be messing with torsion springs. I had a customer lose the whole center of his palm from trying to grab the spring after he loosened it…ouch. Those red set bolts are purdy sharp ;-)

  10. Captain Morgan says:

    where can you find these poles? I don’t have any and am in need of them.

  11. 1800doordoctor says:

    Hey guys try 4 quarter turns per foot of height thus resulting in 28 quarter turns for a 7′ door or 7 full turns. adjustment of a half turn up or down. If not balanced at that point you have wrong size spring. This is basic knowledge for a professional !!!

  12. 1800doordoctor says:

    This is completely wrong wrong wrong. find another video or call a company OR get really good medical insurance then call 911 then follow this video.

  13. hankjones91 says:

    and no vise grip to hold the spring line

  14. hankjones91 says:

    fuckin moron can’t even get the cable on!

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