Building Garage Doors

Having a fancy garage door is not something you would wish to forego, is it? Well, appropriate garage doors make your property seem high class and well equipped but at the same time, they can cost you a lot. Also, it is an investment that is not going to return you anything in monetary terms. So, isn’t it better to build your own garage door? You could probably go for a single door if you have a requirement of one car storage, or larger door if you have to park more than one vehicle. Building your own garage door can allow you to customize it without really costing you much. One thing you will need to understand is that although building your garage door is going to consume some time from your daily routine but it is letting you enjoy the profit which the company would have earned if you had gone to buy the garage door.

The basic requirements for the process of building to initiate are probably a sharp enough saw, lumber, overhead garage door hangers, some bolts, washers, a good amount of wood glue and plywood. Assuming you have fetched all this material, let’s start off now. Your existing garage door would provide you the measurements of your new garage door. In case, you are building these doors for the very first time and have no garage doors in use before, then you would have to do a bit of hard work. You will have to get the standard sizes of the garage door of one car garage or two-car garage depending upon your requirement. Once you have that, try visualizing if that would be enough for you depending upon the height and width of your vehicle. You could probably leave some inches on either side just to be on the safe side. If you have any old garage doors, you could probably measure them and add some height and width to the original measurements.

In case, you still problems, you could refer to any assistance website.

Next, you are to know what style of garage door you want. Some companies do offer garage doors which are designed according to the customers wills. You can get a bit smart here. Try utilizing this service of the companies and get all the help you need in deciding. Once you are done and your plan related to size and color including the texture and material is finalized, you can ask for a quote from the company. However, now you are to skip over the quote and use all those ideas to build your own garage door.

Moreover, you are to determine how your door panels are to be divided. Usually the 2 into 4s are good fine. You could probably use any type of treated and protected wood. Now, cut the inserts that would be forming your garage door panels. Moving on, form a groove for your door panels so that they can slip into them. Now, the time has come to use the wood glue you bought. Apply it on the sides of the panels before you slip them inside the grooves. Lastly, install the motor of your garage door and all the other mechanisms that are involves. You are to get them from a home improvement store or you probably purchase it online. The instructions are given in a manual that comes with the motor mechanisms. Simple follow them and program your garage door opener as well. Now, this process can’t be elaborated on as each type of motor mechanism has its own process and steps. So trust the manual that comes with the motor and follow it carefully. So here you are with your home built garage door in almost half the price which you would have to pay to a company.

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