Carriage Garage Doors – Which One is Right for You?

Garage doors can be great for enhancing the look of your home and property. Ranging from trendy to traditional, a new face for your home is worth considering.

If you’re just building your home or considering other types of garage doors to replace the one you have, you might want to consider the carriage type. These can be great for enhancing the look of your home and property. They tend to have a country look to them, although they can look a bit more modern and upscale in some cases. Some are the traditional kind, while others are just made to look like them. Either way, they’re worth consideration if you’re looking for something decorative.

The Type

People don’t generally choose carriage garage doors because they function better than other types; it’s usually about how they look. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be just as functional and convenient as any other kind, though. The typical carriage type of door is one that has two sides that swing outward, and traditionally they’re made of wood. Some have one door that swings out or opens and closes like an accordion. Today’s kind, however, can be traditional or more of a faux type, meaning that it’s one piece that just looks like two, or it’s made of a sturdier material that looks like wood. Modern ones can even open and close with a remote, so that’s not something you necessarily have to do without if you choose them.

Shopping for What You Want

Before you actually go out and look at carriage garage doors at places that sell them, it’s a good idea to browse through catalogs at home, or look online. That way you can get a general idea of what you want and the price range you’re looking for before you talk to a dealer.

Write down your preferences and your budget, and keep it handy when you’re shopping. This can keep you from making an impulse purchase. It’s okay to keep an open mind, but doing your research beforehand can help.


Most homeowners hire a professional to install their carriage garage doors. Most often, the dealer will include professional installation along with the price, whether their own employees do it or they use an outside source. If the dealer wants to include installation in the price, you might want to do a quick check around to see if you could actually get it installed cheaper by someone else. If you can, then you’ll pay less overall.

Carriage garage doors can be a wonderful way to enhance the look of your home, and in some instances enough to even slightly increase your home’s value! As long as you shop carefully and be sure of what you want, you should be pleased with your choice.

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