Cedar Wood Garage Doors

If you really want a great looking garage door then you should choose for your choice of material. Choose between cedar, oak or redwood for a great looking door that will fit in with your home perfectly. Wooden doors are not the cheapest of garage door, and they do need to be looked after, making them sometimes not the most practical solution for your home but always the most aesthetically pleasing one.

Wood door should not be used if you live in an area where you suffer from bad weather; a wooden door can rot, warp or even contract depending on the extremes of temperature. Snow can do a lot of damage to a wooden garage door, as can heat and humidity, so you really need to know that you will have time to look after your door properly.
Cedar garage doors are pricey, but if you want a wooden door that is within a more capable budge then you can redwood. This kind of door will set you back around $ 700, but of course will not be the top quality of a cedar door. Cedar doors are normally tilting doors and are quite light weight tin comparison to other woods, making them easier to open. Cedar may be pricey, but you really get what you pay for; cedar wood really does not rot and it has excellent insulating properties.
If you require a roller door made of cedar wood, this can be rather pricey as it is difficult to find the correct timber to cut into the straight panels it requires. You really cannot afford to get bad quality or thin panels as these will warp and rot, so you will need to be prepared to spend a large sum for these fantastic doors made of the best quality cedar wood. 
If you live in really windy conditions then you will need to consider getting a protective coating for your garage door, and these can be manufactured for up to hurricane standards. If you live in a very windy area, you need to take some advice from the specialists as to whether cedar wood doors will be suitable or not.
If you want a great looking wooden door for your garage with no expense spared, then a cedar wood door really is a must. Bearing in mind these doors are some of the most expensive that you can find, then you really need to look around for some quotes as well as asking for advice from the professionals.

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