Ervinarts FrenchPorte Garage Doors

Installed Saturday April 17, 2010. Beautiful Garage Doors. Excellent Quality, rock solid, with great customer service.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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8 thoughts on “Ervinarts FrenchPorte Garage Doors

  1. Thank you. The second deck is much like the first as far as foundation is concerned. That part of the project hit a snag (I ran out of money) I had to chose between a family vacation and finishing the deck. Needless to say we just got back from the vacation today. I am working on additional videos but I have to wait til more funds come my way. Running wires require careful planning. You must have the end result in mind. Also keep electrical and video wires as far apart as u can

  2. Darrell Johnson says:

    you have some good videos.. where is the video for the building of the 2nd deck? waiting to see that..Also can you give more insight into running the wires and electrical for the home theater thanks… much appreciated.

  3. Paul Ervin Jr. says:

    Our home is a work in progress. We are doing alittle at a time. What ever our budget can afford. It will be some years before we completely update the entire house. The basement is done. We will be repainting the garage to finish that up, then we will be rebuilding our deck. Lastly will be putting in hardwood floors on the first level. ETA, 5 years.

  4. Keith4594Vlogs says:

    Your house is amazing could you do a full tour

  5. Paul Ervin Jr. says:

    Thank you. And thanks for the reference to our Home Theater.

  6. Valentine Anochili says:

    beautiful home, from the outside nobody knows there’s a beast of a home theater lurking underneath lol.

  7. Paul Ervin Jr. says:

    Thank you. It’s the garage doors that do it. How did you find this video. You are the first person that commented on this video.

  8. wilfredentertainment says:

    dud beautiful house

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