Garage Door Help : How to Replace a Single Garage Door Panel

Replacing a single garage door panel doesn’t necessarily involve tearing apart the entire door. Replace a single garage door panel with help from a garage do…
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Home Repair & Remodeling : How to Troubleshoot Garage Door Openers

If a garage door opener isn’t working, check the remote control’s battery and check the sensors on the opener itself. Stop a garage door from getting jammed …
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36 thoughts on “Garage Door Help : How to Replace a Single Garage Door Panel

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  2. what if the garage is a finished garage and you can only change the doors from the outside?

  3. seems to me that the come along has a special attachment that actually grabs the cable

  4. where do you attach the bottom of the comealong to

  5. because the spring will unwind

  6. Mike Ashworth says:

    attachment is a cable grip made by klein.

  7. Robert Schomaker says:

    What is the attachment on the come along that allows you to grip the cable? Where can I get one?

  8. J.D. McNugent says:

    why not just unhitch the entire cable? No need for the come-along

  9. Armored Titan says:


  10. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. hey retrolee09, you can usually get a good deal on a come-along at Harbor Freight.

  12. Hi- can you tell me where I can buy that comealong attachment? Thanks!

  13. Intelligarage iGx says:

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  14. good video thank you

  15. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Thank you!! All I had to do was nudge one of the sensors, the green light came on, and the door started working again!! You just saved me a repair call!

  16. Carole Scoggins says:

    What do you do when the garage door closes and then goes back up. Will not stay closed. I have checked the beams they appear the be in line.

  17. thank you. My problem was fixed. 

  18. Fernando grafxbynando says:

    awesome sir thank you!!

  19. You amazing man! You saved my life today and you’ll never know how much you are appreciated.
    I went to leave for work this morning and the garage door wouldnt open. All day at work I worried as I am a single girl and the landlord is out of town. Also, rain is coming !!!
    I searched Youtube and found your video. I followed all of your steps when I got home and it was amazing! Door is working beautifully!
    Thank you for your well thought out safety minded instructions!
    .Thank you!

  20. What would cause my garage door not to close when the weather is cold. Acts like it’s trying to close but won’t. Works fine otherwise.

  21. Chain drive has been making funny sound for weeks and now will not work at all??

  22. Very helpful. One of our sensors had been moved and therefore the door would not lower without physically holding the button until it was completely down. Because the sensor was not completing the signal, it “thought” something was in the way. By repositioning the sensor, the door now works like new.

  23. i have a lift master 3/4 hp opener on a steel door (not insulated). The opening unit is about 15 to 18 years old, and therefore, doesn’t have the infra-red sensors at the bottom. It works good, but not. The door will randomly stop in the middle of up travel and is adjusted correctly, if you hit down and back it will go back up to the fully up position. It also goes back up randomly, also adjusted. Both up and down are set to full force, and it has been grease and lubed recently. and ideas?

  24. Thanks!! U help me repair my garage door!!!

  25. madisonelectronic says:

    TracDrive, whatta piece of shit.

  26. I think the cold weather makes the springs tighten up. I increased the torque up VERY SLIGHTLY and that should give it more power to open all the way. I am no professional but had the same problem and found that answer. The setting should be somewhere on the motor.

  27. Thanks for the great advice Tim. I was able to troubleshoot and fix my garage door this evening. I’m still not sure as to why it suddenly would not open more than six inches off the floor.
    On another note, have you ever done any tutorials on how to fix a leaky faucet? I’m working on a PFister kitchen sink, model # 133. I’m having a difficult time removing the plastic retainer ring without damaging the plastic itself. Any thoughts?

  28. I have a Craftsman door opener that will close for about a foot then open up.
    I pulled the cord to disenagaged the inner trolley from the outer trolley. I then manually close the door
    about half way. I turned on the garage door opener switch/remote. The inner trolley rolled to meet and engaged the outer trolley. The door was able to close.

    What could be the problem? I have a sectional door. There is no problem opening the door.

  29. first consult youtube to see if you can do the job
    if not hire a pro

    at least you know a bit something now and wont be taken for a ride

  30. I fixed my half opening only doors by just giving the track overhead a lite shot of WD-40 thru the red straw! That made the darn thing work like new again! Do Not make adjustments to the up force settings till you try this first. Remember the secret ingredient in WD-40 is fish-oil. Amen

  31. knallenmetdiehandel says:

    most garage door openers can be reset afther u removed the power[Volt] for a few seconds-with our moters its 15 sec.
    maby ist a problem with the springs and the need more tension.-pro only !!!!-
    If you,,, #$%how do you say it in english. put it on manuel, can you feel some resistand [?], if not,try succes. its to far for me to visit you -haha (HOLLAND)

  32. My garage door opener bull gear that drives the chain is all chewed up.Have ordered replacement gear. Anyone has any experience with this problem, please send some hint. Thanks.

  33. Or your cables just came off and they need to be put back on, consult a pro when dealing with torsion springs and tension.

  34. Sounds like a broken spring as well!

  35. Sounds like a broken spring.

  36. one day i lifted my garage door to fast and these lines on both sides came off and now the garge door is heavy and dosent stay up can you tell me what i should do ? thanks, Warren.

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