Garage Door Types, Repair, and Maintenance Services

Garage doors are derived from carriage house doors where horses or carriages were kept before the automobile was invented. Both garage doors and carriage house doors are large and are very much like double doors in fortresses. Garage doors can vary in size depending on the automobile kept in the garage but are typically large, about eight to nine feet tall and about ten to twelve feet wide.

The traditional double panel opens like a gate; such garage doors are used for households where the garage area is long enough. Double panel garage doors may open at a 90-degree angle, but some have hinges that allow for a 180-degree opening. These are common in semi-enclosed garages that may or may not have a ceiling or roof deck.

Because of the demand for increased security, there are other designs for garage doors that allow space-saving, as well as easier closing. Many garage doors are now also equipped with garage door openers powered with electricity and remote control. Sometimes, repairs for garage doors call for repair for the garage door opener than the door itself or its hinges. Garage doors tend to be heavy, and garage door accidents tend to be severe, thus, homeowners are encouraged to regularly inspect their garage doors, in case of rusting on hinges or torsion springs.

Many garage doors Salt Lake City households have are sectional garage doors with rollers to lift the door. Such doors need to be properly installed with strong components to prevent accidents. Roller garage doors have many components, primarily the torsion springs and the cable drums that facilitate in the opening and closing of the door.

Broken torsions springs or cable drums are common concerns in garage door repairs.

Torsion springs are metal coils that pull the door up or down. These are used in sectional garage doors and those that tilt up to let the vehicle in. Old torsion springs can rust or break, resulting in possible injury, automobile damage or simply being unable to open or close the garage door. Some garage doors Utah homes mount need repairs for torsion springs, as well as cable drums and rollers, for smoother mechanic function of the garage doors.

To avoid potential hazards of sectional garage doors, some garage doors Utah homes are constructed with are folding doors with vertical panels. These panels fold into accordion-like partitions on either side of the threshold. Folding garage doors and roller doors alike can be made of steel, wood or polyethylene, but the hinges are almost always made of iron. They need to be checked for rusting from time to time.


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