Garage Doors from Overhead Door Company of Kansas City

Information about the Overhead Door Company of Kansas City, MO. Garage door style, colors and construction. Includes garage door accessories like wireless ke…

Programming Standard Drive & Legacy 800 Garage Door Opener

Programming your garage door opener. Overhead Door Programming 1026 & 2026. Find this product at

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5 thoughts on “Garage Doors from Overhead Door Company of Kansas City

  1. If you have an Overhead Door Legacy model, then please read this. Overhead Door remote controls have two small buttons and one large button. Although all three buttons can be programmed to operate the garage door– however only the two small buttons will work properly to program a corresponding HomeLink button in your car.

  2. Thanks for the very helpful video. Until recently, I’d always owned Liftmaster or Craftsman garage door openers. When one of our 2 openers went bad recently, we took a chance and replaced with with an Overhead Door model 2026. We are so happy with it. In addition to the Overhead door unit being much smaller and sleeker than our previous units, it’s also much quieter. My wife wants to replace to the other unit now.

  3. ElectroMecca says:

    Very cool looking powerheads…

  4. OverheadDoorCorp says:

    @soboboo – Are you talking about your wireless keypad? If so, the programming instructions are here on our website under SUPPORT.

  5. I’ve got the Legacy 800 / 2026 model. I can program the remote control with no problem but I’m having the darndest time programming my wireless remote. Can somebody help me on this???

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