Garage windows install

One day I decided to install windows on my Garaga brand garage door. They are good quality thermal windows. Unlike MS, these “windows” haven’t crashed on me …

O’Reillys Delivery guy makes the front of our shop a drive through, gets out of his truck leaving it in drive and it follows him like a dog right through our…
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12 thoughts on “Garage windows install

  1. wow alot cheeper then a $7000 door i was thinking of doing this exact thing seweet!

  2. capitainefritz says:

    Thanks for the info

    And good job! They look gorgeous!

  3. CafuniFitusu says:

    The windows cost me $110 each(Thermal windows with decorative grid). I believe the dealer made a mistake and charged me the lower contractor’s rate (I’m not a contractor). I never bothered asking how much the panel with windows would cost.

  4. capitainefritz says:

    Hey; I’m from Mtl as well. How much did those windows cost you and how much was the panel with windows?

  5. Thanks. Also running into the same issue here in Texas

  6. I bought the windows at a place called the Door Doctor here in Montreal. I had a hard time trying to find a place that only sold the windows. Most other places would only sell me the whole panel with the windows pre-installed.

  7. Where did you buy the windows at?

  8. passinglanemotors1 . says:

    1970 GTO Judge not a great night, did feel bad for the guy it was his first week and from what I understand his last night.

  9. TheGarageDoorGeek says:

    $5,000 for the garage door, 5 ass whuppins for the car.

  10. shakengandulf says:

    Nice car

  11. idontlike101 says:

    Bet he was fired on the spot haha

  12. TeknikAlity34 says:

    Damn!! That car is over 20 years older than my car and STILL looks WAAAYY better.

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