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Website: http://highpointncgaragedoor.com/ Address: 1589 Skeet Club Rd #102-106,27265,High Point Phone: 336-589-1138 High Point NC Garage Door technicians en…

A Plus Garage Doors and Americas Garage Show gave away a garage door maintenance to Christine. She wanted new garage doors and new garage door openers, so th…
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21 thoughts on “High Point NC Reliable Garage Doors – 336-589-1138

  1. Intelligarage iGx says:

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    We have all been listening and watching to these videos for a while now and wonder if some company can comeup with a truely independent version of device and smartphone applications which can work with any make and model of these garage door openers.

    You are highly encouraged to visit our CHANNEL or visit the website for more information.

  2. George Thompson says:

    you guys truly are the BEST. I am so glad I chose you. You knew exactly what was wrong, and got it fixed fairly quick. I thank you guys so much.

  3. tamikia campbell says:

    My wife convinced me it was time to replace our old garage door! I kept pushing it off thinking the process would be an extremely expensive and frustrating hassle. With this company, it was just the opposite. The technician came, gave me awesome prices and started working the same day and after few days we had our amazing garage door installed! thanks guys!!

  4. Not knowing which company was trust worthy to repair our garage door from, this sight helped us alot and the service we received was total satisfactory. They came on time, fixed up and when one of batteries were not functioning, Tech came in 48 hours to replace with a new one, and again on time.

  5. Latonya Weddington says:

    I had an old lady crash into my garage door and I was running late to pick up my dad from the airport. I quickly picked the closest company to me and boy am I glad that I did. They came out within 2 hours and had my door fixed no problem. My dad never knew it happened because they carried the exact make and model door as the one that got ruined.

  6. I called them around 7:30pm and told him I had a big problem with my garage door. He was there in less than an hour to help me out. Totally explained everything in great clarity and then proceed to work magic on my mess and I was back in business by 930pm. Call him !! He is outstanding and so are his prices.

  7. I needed my garage door to be fixed right away. I needed something affordable and needed techs that would know what they are doing. I called this place and they provided all that I needed.

  8. After checking with various other companies, I realized they are the cheapest. They really are the fastest and most professional garage company that I worked with. I can honestly say that I am very pleased with their work. Any time I have a problem with my garage door, they are there in minutes ready to work. Loved them.

  9. Great place to get such great assistance and I will be sure to ask for any assistance that I come across that consists of my garage door because not only do you fix the problem, but you also make sure that I am happy with the service that was offered. Thanks for being so great.

  10. We are 100% happy. We have been using this company for quiet some time, and just recently we designed a very beautiful garage door. Our house looks stunning with the new garage door. Were really happy with the outcome of the beautiful project! And oh, the customer service and the technician were excellent, very friendly and shows professionalism on their work. Thanks!

  11. I wanted a new garage door but did not know how to get a hold of one. I called my father in law and he kept going on and on about how great this company was. I decided to take his word and have them come over and help me out. They were recommending all these thing that I didn’t even know what they were talking about but I did notice that they know their stuff. Great job!!

  12. I’m glad you guys were able to come so quickly. The chains of the apartment complex I manage got all up in knots. I had to have someone there right away because the tenants weren’t able to park in the garage. Your guy was fantastic. He fixed the door and was well deserving of a tip. Thank you so much!

  13. Called on a Sunday after garage door closed on car and cable broke. Tech showed up right away and had the door operational within an hour. Exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely reasonable. This guy is the best.

  14. This company has done some work for me several times it the past few years, I tell anyone who ask’s- to call this company.

  15. Great people, Great service. 

  16. They gave me an estimate and stuck to their word. They responded quickly. He reinforced the door and took time to explain everything to me. I am very satisfied with the replacement of the garage door unit.

  17. thanks for your service great business

  18. I absolutely love what they done with my garage door. It really does make a huge difference in the way my house looks as a whole. Their customer service is profound, in that their technicians show up on time, are very friendly and professional. The thing I appreciated the most was that they thrive to find the perfect garage door that suites your house. I highly recommend them!

  19. i was remarkably pleased with the work they had done for me, and they gave good prices, i didnt have to go in my savings just for a door, so im very pleased and will always use this company 

  20. very pleased with the service they provided. fast, and knew exactly what they were doing.!!!

  21. they are great with their prices!

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