Hormann Sectional Garage Door Installation Guide

Hormann Sectional Garage Door Installation Guide

For more information, visit us at http://www.samsondoors.co.uk Hormann sectional garage doors are one of the easiest and highest quality doors to install in …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://www.habprogaragedoors.com Garage Door Spring Repair Step by step how to replace your broken torsion springs. Including how to measure your garage door…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 thoughts on “Hormann Sectional Garage Door Installation Guide

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  2. rachelmcclinton74 says:


  3. Fantastic video! Song name?

  4. This band makes the weirdest music videos.

  5. millerlite713 says:


  6. This could have been about making salad and it still would have been good. Later

  7. montrealatang says:

    super good
    much much more good

  8. habprogaragedoors says:

    Anyone can do this if they are willing to carefully follow instructions, use the proper tools and proceed cautiously

  9. Gimme Anathlon says:

    Not sure if I mentioned this last week, but your video saved me some dough. Your instructions were clear and precise. I cautiously tackled this job and did it in 3 hours time (gathering supplies and tools included- also included about an hour in planning and thinking this through carefully.)
    It wasn’t as daunting as I thought thanks to your instructions. I’m handy for sure, but was nervous due to the clips put out by others, but these clips were AWESOME!

  10. You’re door is probably aluminum or another light material whereas the one featured in the video is wooden. Heavier doors need more springs.  Don’t add one, your one is probable ample for the door.

  11. changogigante says:

    Hey! THANKS☺ Your video helped me save money, and is explained to detail. With a friend took us only hour and a quarter to complete the job.

  12. Great video and instruction. Thank you for the professional quality.

  13. Jeremiah Simmons says:

    awsome video because it I just was able to finish mine, only one thing my door is exactly the same size as yours but has only one spring what justifys a second spring? and should I add one?

  14. Great video. It took under an hour to remove and replace two springs. You saved me $200.

  15. Your videos helped give me the confidence to try this repair myself and be successful with it. I suggest DIY’ers (like me) stand on a substantial platform rather than just a step ladder. One other thought: 4 hands are way better than 2–especially when you need to adjust a cable back on the wheel again after you’ve already tightened (and screwed down) the spring! Thanks again for sharing your expertise!


  16. Hey thanks I didnt know what to do after watching your video itches easy thanks again
    If anybody dosent know watch all videos thanks again

  17. great videos. my garage was installed over a decade ago and it has only one spring(left side) how many quarter turns would i need o apply?

  18. Thank you, I just fixed my garage door thanks to this video.

  19. Life saver and price saver Do it yourself video. The host expresses the importance of safety and proper tools to effectively perform and complete this project and pay yourself by working smarter not harder. Thank you Bill for your time, wisdom and experience.

  20. This compilation of spring replacement videos is fantastic! These were the first to come up and I didn’t see a need to look for other sources of info. A very complete, logical, well filmed, and SAFE instructions. Thank You!

  21. This is a great explanation video, now I feel confident as how to tackle this job.

  22. I understand you measured the springs, but how do you know that is the correct spring for the door? Isn’t it possible during original install or past repair work the wrong spring was put on? An amateur might be replacing with the wrong springs assuming the ones he’s taking off are correct.

  23. Couldn’t have done a better myself. Actually, I had to watch the video first. One of the best videos I’ve ever needed. Much thanks!

  24. Great video. It was a big help!

  25. This is the best video I’ve seen .on torsion spring repair. Very good camera work and great explanation on how to do the job. You should put this on DVD and sell it.

  26. habprogaragedoors says:

    thanks for the compliment I’m glad to help

  27. habprogaragedoors says:

    Respond to this video…
     thank you glad to help

  28. Green2011Leaf says:

    Great instructional video.

  29. Thanks Bill!

  30. Perfect explanation on the springs and where they go LOL I first installed them backwards then after realizing what was wrong I corrected this mistake and got the job done in about 2 hours boy I wish I watched your video first LOL I started off with .207 gauge and 2″ dia by 20″ long and replaced them with .207 gauge and 1.3/4″dia by 22″ long ,28 1/4 turns each side and no adjustments all is well, I really like the safty measures you put in place very important. Great job. 17′ by 7 ‘ alum dr.

  31. If you’ve been considering this as a DIY project, do yourself a favor and watch all four parts. These videos make understanding how to replace torsion springs a snap, both safely and easily. If you find yourself scratching your head and still unsure, call a pro. Great job on the series and thank you for sharing.

  32. Shannon Krull says:

    Excellent “how to” presentation. Clear, easy to follow step by step directions. Completed the job in 2 hours. Saved $150. Good Work Bill

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