How to faux wood grain on garage door – Mural Joe

Mural Joe explains how to faux paint wood grain on an exterior garage door.
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12 thoughts on “How to faux wood grain on garage door – Mural Joe

  1. That’s cool! Thanks man, I appreciate the good feedback.

  2. Your faux wood has a nice movement to it. I’ve been doing faux wood and marbles in the film industry for years and sometimes it can get tedious. The tedium somehow gets into the look but you have escaped doing that by keeping it live and fun. I have all the combs and brushes but mostly I like the throw away china bristle brushes because you can push them backwards through the glaze and completely abuse them. I also use the deep base untinted paint for faux finishes as it makes a good glaze.

  3. baremetalHW says:

    Amazing! !!

  4. Yes, maybe not as gold as this one though. I would use a deep wine red for the top. I would do two coats for something that dark probably.

  5. So if you wanted a “cherry stain” would you still start with the gold base? What color would you use for the top coat?

  6. Practice on some square pieces of scrap wood.But set them up vertically first. Practicing on a horizontal surface is drastically different. You can do it! If it doesn’t turn out, it’s just paint….start over!

  7. have you ever used graining tools such as combs , rollers & rockers? have you ever pre-toned the base layer with a “peanut” color base coat? before slapping on the “grain”?

  8. You are a master! dayum!

  9. thebellanextdoor says:

    This is wickedly fabulous and an excellent how to video. I only wish I dared to actually do this myself to my garage doors. Thanks!

  10. faux wood Real talent

  11. The pleasure is mine.

  12. cool

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