How to install a Garage Door From start to finish.

How to install a Garage Door From start to finish.

We will demonstrate how a Mesa garage door professional installer will prep, install a new garage door, and remove the old one in under 2 hrs.
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All About Garage Doors

A newscast about garage doors with First United Garage Doors.
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26 thoughts on “How to install a Garage Door From start to finish.

  1. Love it where can I get CD??

  2. Intelligarage iGx says:

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  3. StarksBrothersHomes says:

    Very informative. This is sure to help homeowners.

  4. it takes a full day if you don’t know what you’re doing. that’s why you get someone to do it for you.

  5. this guy did not take the door down right I install them for a living and you are supposed to take the hinges off one panel at a time if you don’t you risk the door falling on top of you if you need any garage door help message me I know what im doing

  6. GarageDoorMan89 says:

    you should at least gave them a LiftMaster and taken more time to install the new door

  7. close up orf work would be good cant see track install and alot else

  8. There’s no way this job can be done in less than 2 hrs. Hell, it takes us 2 hrs just to install a 2 car door. I also am not a fan of Clopay doors-they come with cheap hardware, the galvanized springs lose tension after a while and their sections start cracking after a few years. I prefer First United Door Technologies (FUDT) or CHI.

  9. As far as I know it’s the same as the 3800 just with the MyQ controls. Doesn’t appear to be any different to me…same sensors, lock and cable tension monitor but the updated wall control…which I like much better and is more accurate at keeping time.

  10. TheGarageDoorGeek says:

    Question on your 8500, other than the 888LM and 895MAX, are there any differences between the 8500 and the 3800, IE new motor, new electronics, etc?

  11. TheGarageDoorGeek says:

    I’ve not worked for OHD in years. It was the only industry related picture I had. I’m working on new pictures currently.
    You’re right about the doors. The dealer I worked for bought their doors from the Genie Pro dealer. After dealing with some of the plastic hinged pinch resistant garbage, and seeing them fall apart, I left. My preference is CHI or NWD with LM operators.

  12. And you’re picture suggest you work for overhead door…not exactly anywhere near the best doors I’ve ever ripped out….just like those rebranded Genies you sold.

  13. Because like me they don’t wanna hear the door. I installed an R-16 Richards Wilcox door coupled with an 8500 and it’s pure silence. I would never put a hollow door on my house.

  14. I agree, however in most cases you CAN mount the weather seals first if you have adjustable track. I won’t work any other way anymore, it’s so much easier and the door ALWAYS works right, even with dutch corners. These guys do look pretty hackish though, kinda like the guy below me telling me how he can install a 16′ with an opener in under an hour, pure butchery. Now, I have a fully insulated door on my detached because I don’t wanna hear it. Richards Wilcox r-16 with an 8500, pure silence.

  15. if you ask me this video is not worth hard drive space it is takeing up on youtube’s server

  16. Bwaahhahha

  17. TheGarageDoorGeek says:

    Angle to the powerhead should have been run straight down from the joists, or a piece of angle between them, then a diagonal between to stop sideways motion, and another to the front or back of the head to stiffen the install.
    This is not a less than 2 hour job, unless you want to eat a warranty call back. And spluge a bit, buy your techs some proper 18″ winding bars. 3/8″ round bar isn’t expensive.
    And why did you sell them a sandwich insulated for an uninsulated detatched garage?? Pish job.

  18. TheGarageDoorGeek says:

    Did Precision train your techs?
    Don’t waste time taking all hinges off. Unbolt the tops of the top hinges, remove the top section, and work down that way.
    Don’t waste time taking the strut off, it’s getting trashed.
    Side seals go on once the door is completely installed.
    When stacking the new door, the camera should have been inside.
    Don’t mount anything for the opener untill the door is completed.
    Right side sensor was angled up.
    Don’t notch your angle. You’ve made a weak spot.
    Operator next…

  19. ALLProGarageDoors says:

    They should do a video on how to get 185 complaints swept under the rug by the BBB and maintain their accredited status…Now that I’d like to see. payola?

  20. This video sucks, it’s more a “Hey look, I can show you one way to remove and add a new garage door!’ more than a tutorial! -_-

  21. these dudes fucking suck. raise the door. takes tension off door from tension bar. undo cables. let door down. undo one track from wall. pull door back in one whole piece. and by the way sammy i can do a chi 16″ sunburst glass panel with opener (chain drive) new construction in under one hour by myself. i do atleast four doors a week for past 4 years and that is just doing my shit at my own pace

  22. Video should be called- how to REPLACE a garage door- wasted my time….

  23. Chi is mostly what i installed, had to do acouple wood caridge house doors by my self boy was that fun… well keep up the great work my frind

  24. Neither do I. Idk if you’ve ever installed these but 16′ CHI doors with a glass section are fucking awesome to do by yourself. Heaviest residential steel doors I’ve ever done

  25. There’s no way all of that was done in under 2 hours. I’ve been at this 10 years, no way even 2 guys could do all that in under 2 hours. Even skipping important steps and installing that shit Genie opener should take up to 4 hours unless you’re just “Slapping it in.” It takes me 1 1/2 hrs to R&R an opener and you’re doing both? I call shenanigans

  26. gary newman first—— love the garage door neat lol

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