How-to paint a Faux finish wood grain!!

How-to paint a Faux finish wood grain!!

CHECK OUT for more cool stuff!!! How to paint faux finish wood grain then distress it to give your garage that antique wood finish. …

Zach Freeman demonstrating faux bois on garage doors.
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49 thoughts on “How-to paint a Faux finish wood grain!!

  1. that clear really made it pop … looks great

  2. what materials do you used

  3. I’m so glad you shared your mistakes on here too! Awesome job!

  4. Awesome!! Good luck and thanks for watching!

  5. Attempting to do this to my front door, so, thanks for showing your trials and errors along with the beautiful finished product!

  6. What color glaze?

  7. Thank you very much! Yeah, this was the first time I attempted anything like that so I didn’t want to edited the video and only show the good parts like I was an expert or something. Plus I think it helps to show that stuff just to let DIYers know it’s ok to mess up and or not know what your doing but just keep at it and it always turns out!! :)

  8. Lauren Norwood says:

    I love how you show your trial and error! Such a REAL vid of a DIYer. I love this!

  9. This is really cool! I plan to start custom painting Xbox controllers and this is really cool to look for inspiration. :)

  10. Jessica Pectol says:

    GREAT work! I need to figure out what to do to my garage door. Wood wouldn’t look good. My projects ALWAYS take longer than projected lol

  11. Nice job! Great motivation.

  12. BeachBumLivin says:

    Thank you!!

  13. I want to give my box fan a wood grain look. The garage door looks great, I’m so excited to use your techniques.

  14. BeachBumLivin says:

    LOL, yep that thing will piss you off for sure!! It seems like it would be so easy to use but it’s not! It does take a second to get the hang of!

  15. Jayson Nickols says:

    That graining tool is a pain in the ass isn’t it? First time I used it, I thought it was a piece of junk. Turns out, it was just me. Practice makes it better.

  16. BeachBumLivin says:

    Thank you very much!!

  17. I think it looks great, even up close! Way better than that white plastic anyway!

  18. BeachBumLivin says:

    Hey thanks!! Yeah and every project I video always seems to take longer than it would if I just did it without the video.

  19. conniethecarpenter says:

    Nice!  Funny how your beard got longer each part of your show. It does take a couple days to complete for drying times.

  20. BeachBumLivin says:

    Thanks for watching! Obviously it doesn’t look as real up close as it does far away.

  21. That looks good for far away. Looks horrible up close.

  22. Wow beautiful job! Can’t wait to try it! Keep up the good work! Thank you.

  23. BeachBumLivin says:

    Thank you very much for the awesome comment!!

  24. It takes a lot of work and innate artistry to render a convincing wood grain pattern over such a large surface area. Incredible job, sir. That garage door should be hanging in the Louvre.

  25. DUDE that looks so sick! This is something I may try now!

  26. hi there… wonderful job…
    What kind of paint do you used (oil or ?)… what color base name… ?

  27. Benjamin Ankerholz says:

    Hi Zach, very nice work on this video, and thanks for sharing! You mention a top coat for the doors when done, what would you recommend?

  28. Benjamin Ankerholz says:

    Very nice work Zac! What type of clear coat do you recommend?

  29. Any questions ;

  30. thebellanextdoor says:

    Zach, love your video. Wasn’t able to get my doors done last fall. I want to know that the freeze is over. Is it possible to get some info via email? Could not find anyway to email you here. Thanks

  31. Carlos Alberto says:

    Great trick man!
    I’m in Brazil in Sao Paulo and painting my doors and baseboards around the house and his technique helped me solve a problem here. Very grateful for your video. Thank you!

  32. Hey Zack,
    could you tell me the Glaze color and brand you used on the Garage door.
    I am in NC and would like to do mine this spring.
    Scott Eidson

  33. thebellanextdoor says:

    Thank you!!!

  34. i use the 6 inch spalter!! GO FOR IT!

  35. Hi PTRSSNIPER I never worry bout work being taken from me :)  theres plenty out there for everyone! LOL The product I use Can be purchased from a website i can email to you if you email me . the primary colors i use are brown,black,red,yellow, in trans oxide colorants

  36. Hey Timone, Thats great i hoped it all worked out for you!! sounds good for fishin, ive only caught sea trout

  37. hey andrew Im in South Florida

  38. thebellanextdoor says:

    Which Omego brushes did you use? I’m on the website wanting to order a set to try this here at home in Utah. Thanks =)

  39. thebellanextdoor says:

    Amaaazing! Hope to get brave enough to attempt this on my own doors. Love the technique! Thanks!

  40. andrewwhedrick says:

    Man love this what part of the country are you in? Would hire you in a heartbeat to help me with this if you were local!

  41. I checked out several you tube garage wood grain instructional videos, went with yours. the doors turned out great, thanks for posting. Neighbors want me to do theirs, not likely. Get tired of catch’n sharks come out west and we’ll get you on a fly rod after monster trout. Thanks Zack

  42. Hey Zack, i need that glaze color formula. I, m wanting to do my garage door like that. I live in Tx, so you don’t have to worry about my taking any work from u. Lol I’ll give u my number and you can’t text it to me if u want.

  43. in the descriptions I read, the term “ground” is interchangable with “base”, I guess I was reading stuff that was kinda old school, lol nice work btw

    I tried plain” yellow oxide” universal colorant in primer wich is just titanium white and it looks just like a paint stir stick ha ha

  44. Pigments? Ground? Im not sure what you mean. It’s a eggshell latex base-coat tinted to an orange yellow type color, and the glaze is made with trans oxide colorants which include a brown, black, red, and yellow color mixture to your own preference. I hope that answers your questions. :)

  45. what pigments are in your ground

  46. beautiful doors. maybe you could come up with a way to fill in the grain on the vertical “muntins” to make that grain run vertical. wow that looks killer! I hope they are paying you well! really beautiful work

  47. @raraoary1. I’ll give you a hint. The company is based in Vero beach Florida, and before you can buy they’re product, you gotta spend about 1800. On one of they’re classes. :) but hey, it’s worth it!!

  48. A Glaze that stays wet? so what is it? just the brand C’mon

  49. Another announcement . Omega brushes can be purchased on ” fine paints of europe” website!!! Yahoooo!!! I just found out.:)

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