How To Repair Garage Doors

Replacing Old Garage Doors is another worthwhile improvement and modern up and over doors those that retract beneath the garage roof are far more convenient than side hinged doors.

There are two main types. One uses a cantilever action: springs in the door frame counterbalance the door and pull it into the open position when released. The second type is more robust, and more expensive: spring counterweights carry the open door right into the garage along overhead tracks which are capable of coping with the heaviest of doors. 

Both types come in a variety of styles. Most are ribbed steel or aluminium giving a sort of slatted effect, or are moulded in glass fibre to produce panelled period style doors – usually Georgian. There are sizes to suit most modern garages but you may have certain amount of difficulty finding one to fit an older building. Some firms will modify standard door sizes to suit or will alter the size of the door opening by adding a substantial timber frame.

Finally consider fitting the new door with an automatic opener. This is especially useful on large, heavy doors, but also offers worthwhile benefits with doors of any see. For one thing, it improves your garage’s security. For another it overcome the problem of the short drive – where there is two little room to open the door unless the car is halfway out on to the road. 

Shop around for these devices, be- cause the features on offer – built-in lights, control from within the car, control from a key switch at the gate and so on – vary almost as much as the price.

Watch out for two points. Firstly, not all automatic door openers are suitable for use with cantilever door gears. Secondly, some transmit the ‘open-close’ signal using infrared light, others use VHF radio waves, The latter have a greater range, but do require a Post Office license and can suffer from radio interference.

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