Marantec M4700e Garage Door Opener

From a repair job in San Bernardino This is an example of the garage door opener position in relation to the garage door top section clearance. Not all doors…

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4 thoughts on “Marantec M4700e Garage Door Opener

  1. Intelligarage iGx says:

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    We have all been listening and watching to these videos for a while now and wonder if some company can comeup with a truely independent version of device and smartphone applications which can work with any make and model of these garage door openers.

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  2. Chamberlain the company that used DMCA to try to prevent anyone from making a compatible remote control. Chamberlain lost in court in 2004 but even after that, they still used DMCA to try to prevent others from making a compatible products. If Chamberlain won, they would have targeted others, like Homelink. I won’t buy a Chamberlain on that fact alone.

  3. jordanpanasuk says:

    Those brackets are not installed wrong. If you rotate them so the roller tube is higher on the panel, it would need to be extended out further because it is placing the roller further into the curved track. The arch of the top panel would remain virtually the same.
    This is typical of all sectional overhead doors, without the use of low headroom devices.

    The installation of your operator appears to be fine.

  4. Marantec openers are no the greatest out there… I’ll give them that they can make a very very quiet DC motor. But come on… Chamberlain LiftMaster. May I say more? 

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