My Uncle’s New Garage Doors

Replacing my uncle’s old, crappy, rotting wood doors with beautiful new C.H.I. 2285 garage doors with Stockton windows. P.S. I meant to say “Let me know” at …

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25 thoughts on “My Uncle’s New Garage Doors

  1. I know I took the led board out and put the screws for the wires by the inside of the push part and it worked great

  2. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    The Stanley wasn’t designed to use a lighted button, it just won’t work.

  3. I had a problem the other day I went to change my wall control from my Stanley to a lited doorbell button it didn’t work with the led in it so I took the led board out and wired the button without and works wonderful any ideas

  4. Liftmaster1355 says:


  5. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    I’d rather not… It’s really dangerous and I don’t want to be responsible for showing people how to do that and then I find out they got hurt… Better left to the pros. I got professionally trained last summer.

  6. Liftmaster1355 says:

    when you can can you show us how you unwind the torstion springs?

  7. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    @TheLiftmasterDOORGUY I see what you’re saying, I think. So mount the strut first and install the brackets over the strut? Personally I prefer using a wrench or socket to do the top fixtures. This way I can make sure the things don’t move on me. That and I just don’t like using a drill on a ladder. Long story lol.

  8. Nice work…Just as a little info on chi doors, the strut will fit underneath the top fixtures, then you can use an impact to adjust the tops, and it makes the install look a little cleaner too, I think..just suggesting, dont want to be rude…

  9. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    The Ideal Door lube they sell at Menards.

  10. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    @Liftmaster1280 Winding a spring is not terribly difficult. However, I’d reccomend that you get professionally trained. There are a lot of safety aspects that go into making sure you don’t get hurt, and if you overlook one or forget it, it can kill you. It’s like playing with a loaded gun; any second it can blow up in your face.

  11. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    @Liftmaster1280 If you know what you’re doing, do it. But follow everything TO THE BOOK. The door companies just want you to hire them so they can make money. It’s like WD-40. They say you can use it on your garage door, but if it was up to them, they’d tell you to put it on your cereal too. *eyeroll.*

  12. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    @Liftmaster1280 The first time, it’s about a 6. But once you’be done it a few times, it gets to about a 2-4.

  13. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    @jwatwater Definitely high maintenance. I didn’t show it on camera, but I was able to kick the bottom panel in on the 3rd door before I took it down.

  14. … I wish I knew how to do that… Lol. I have to say though, I liked the older doors better, but that’s just me. Wood doors require ALOT of work tho… but very good job. they look nice

  15. Evangaragedooropener s says:

    i’m surprised on how you got the hd200d to quiet down really cool you need to comment on my channel because the craftsman is very loud I can’t get it to quiet down

  16. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    @TheLiftmasterDOORGUY Thankfully no… As with your old 10′ wide Overhead, they clear the drums by about 1/4″

  17. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    @TheGarageDoorGeek Hey, I would replace mine, but my dad doesn’t want a new door. I offered to go halves with him, but he still said no. And that’s an example of what happens when I get bored, that was a universal Genie button that I put LED’s in. Thanks!

  18. Did you have any issues with the door hitting the drums?

  19. TheGarageDoorGeek says:

    Okay, where did you find the Genie looking button with two green LEDs?????

  20. TheGarageDoorGeek says:

    You’re as bad as the other Nick, replacing everyone else’s stuff and not your own. LOL!
    Nice job!

  21. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    They just released it this year. This was the first I’d heard of it too, however it works great with the mismatched sections. These are 6’6″ doors, so the middle panels are are two 18″ sections, and the top and bottom are 21″ sections. These run unbelievably smooth.

  22. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    Oh yeah, low-headroom is a pain in the ass no doubt. These tracks from C.H.I. are their new 10″ radius.

  23. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    Thanks. That’s the main key when installing a garage door, is to make sure everything’s level. If you install it crooked, it’s going to open crooked, you’ll have cable issues, all that good crap. I just used shims and a level when I put the bottom panel in, then stacked the door up and checked it again before installing the tracks.

  24. GarageDoorMan89 says:

    Nice :-) 

  25. Nick'sGarageDoorService says:

    @Leo Bityou Thanks

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