Newly Fitted Automatic Sectional Garage Door during testing, in Adlington, Cheshire.

This video doesn’t do justice to the beautiful finish on this garage door from Carteck, it is metallic silver and very similar to that of a modern american s…
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Website: Address: 718 Thompson ln #108-308 , Nashville , TN 37204 Phone: 615-340-6839 Berry Hill Garage Door supplies and inst…
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17 thoughts on “Newly Fitted Automatic Sectional Garage Door during testing, in Adlington, Cheshire.

  1. tamikia campbell says:

    Garage Door Repair Service + New Garage Doors were very nice and sweet when they came out to fix my garage door. They were able to determine the problem they needed to repair by just looking at the garage door. They came with all the tools and equipment necessary to fix the garage door, and they fixed in quite fast. They provided above average service, and I highly recommend them!

  2. marcus wade says:

    Highly recommend for people like us who do not want to get ripped off nor suffer later with unprofessional job.

  3. Latonya Weddington says:

    I had a garage door that couldn’t close and would open again when I tried to close it. I didn’t know what the problem was and called them. They were very friendly and were able to have someone come very fast to fix my garage door. I was also happy about the pricing.

  4. Great response. Tech, is very experienced. He evaluated the garage door problem quickly and accurately and was up-front on estimate for repair. Job finished quickly and professionally for a very reasonable price. Work is guaranteed. Would definitely hire him next time a problem arises.

  5. They are very professional. My garage door was repaired in a blink of an eye and I did received great services!! They are the best.

  6. sheer Goodson says:

    My garage door was completely wrecked! I really needed a replacement, but I did not want to invest so much money on a simple garage door. I called various companies, but not one was able to get me a door within the price range I was. And then i found this Garage door repair service and all i can say they were great!!

  7. Thanks to Garage Doors expert that installed a new garage door in my house! Everything was great and affordable. They are very professional and because of that my garage door is beautiful and works perfectly.

  8. Oh good I so happy review. This way I can actually tell how great are they. They managed to repair my garage in an hour, and charged me practically nothing! I’m so happy that I got a hold of the greatest garage door repairs company in this city.

  9. Great service!!! I know I can call Garage Doors with any request and they’ll respond immediately. They came to my house the same day I called to give me a free estimate. They fixed the problem perfectly and the price was fair.

  10. I guarantee that no one does it better than these guys. They’re fast, efficient, and most importantly strictly proficient. They’re available all the time. I remember when I called them to fix my garage door, they showed up an hour after I called. That just shows you how devoted and committed to each and every one of their customers

  11. I have used this company for going on 10 years now- hard working, good man!! I would recommend to ALL, keep the good works guys.

  12. william home says:

    I woke up to find my door wouldnt open and i needed to get to work! I called this company they were at my house in an 1hr and had my door fixed up in to time. Excellent service quick response and great prices will deffinatly tell my friends.

  13. Jerry Mcguire says:

    Very fast working techs, and nice. I think they had the lowest prices in the city.

  14. curtis holmes says:

    So I had contracted through three different companies to come install my garage door, these guys were the only ones who were willing to came at the same day.

  15. great job with my door

  16. beatrice guts says:

    time was not an issue with this crew. the guy came before it was even time for my appointment. i really appreciate you all

  17. jonathan summers says:

    they are fast and honest

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