Online Estate Agent shares sales success tips for selling your home

Manchester, Greater Manchester (PRWEB UK) 3 August 2013

4 Questions You Should Ask before Selling

1. How much do I save by using an online estate agent?

A traditional estate agent can save you time and effort, but by charging 1% to 3% they could cost you thousands of pounds compared with selling through an online estate agent like Here you get the best of both worlds, expert advice, good sense, professional back-up but at a fixed price of just 0.5% +VAT. And no irritating jargon or flashy suits!

2. Is my selling price right?

It is vital to do a little research before putting your home on the market. Time spent here could pay you some serious dividends. So start by checking the price of similar properties in your local estate agent’s windows, your local newspapers and free magazines. Then compare these prices with similar properties on We are the online agents for Manchester and surrounding areas. We are very realistic when advising our clients about ‘pricing to sell’ so the sums you see on are a good guide to what your property might be worth.

We often recommend that, as well as using our extensive knowledge on selling in Manchester, you should ask a couple of local estate agents for free valuations. Then compare the various quotes, combine this with your local research, and you should be able to set a good but realistic price for your home.

You have to be honest with yourself about the condition and location of your property. Don’t be greedy or your home could take ages and much frustration to sell. Don’t ask too little because buyers will always try to lower the price, so allow for this by building in an extra amount over the price you realistically hope to receive. Our final tip is to copy the experts in selling (like supermarkets and garages) and set your selling price just under a whole number, for instance,

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