Real Carriage garage doors in West Linn

Real Carriage garage doors in West Linn

Electric openers for real carriage garage doors.
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Review of replacement of Genie Garage Door Opener (model circa 2005). I’m not an expert. The method described worked for the problem I was experiencing, whic…

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7 thoughts on “Real Carriage garage doors in West Linn

  1. a standard overhead opener will work on it too.

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  3. Where can i find the part locally?or with site could i order from

  4. ImageryMemberDotCom says:

    Great. Hope it was of some help, and that your door is working well now.

  5. Excellent, I have the same Genie.Ordered part online.
    Feel more at ease with the explanation provided. Can’t wait to replace!  Thank you

  6. ImageryMemberDotCom says:

    Ordered it online. Someone might have it locally, though, of course.

  7. Cool. I have the same exact setup you have. Did you find the part locally, or did you have to order it online?

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