Repairing Garage Door Sensors

Today, a lot of homes own garage door units that have infrared sensors installed. These sensors are positioned near the bottom of each side’s frame. They are actually a safety precaution should something cause the beam to break as the unit is closes. When those sensors are damaged, it will prevent the unit from entirely closing, thus the need to get replacement sensors. The following will discuss the steps in repairing garage door sensors.

To first step is to test the existing sensors to be really certain that nothing is blocking them. In some instances, lenses that are dirty and wiring that are loose are the contributing factors for the malfunction. Prior to deciding to spend your money to buy new ones, make the effort to examine if your current sensors can be fixed or are already beyond repair. When you have determined that replacing your sensors is the only way to fix the issue, proceed to your local home improvement store and look around for different garage door sensors available.
When you have purchased a new sensor, it is time to install a new one at home. To begin with, turn off the power of the opener and uninstall the sensors. To remove them, you normally just unscrew the nuts or screws or that put the sensors in place. After you have removed the sensors, you simply have to install the new sensor in the exact area when you removed the previous one. You need to tighten the all screws and nuts to make sure that their placement is proper and leave room for adjustments if necessary. After that, you just have to reconnect all the wires.
After the wires have been reconnected, you will then need to align the door sensors. This is possible by using measuring tape or piece of string then make the necessary adjustments. After that, you have to check each sensor’s position to make sure that they did not move. Turn on the garage door opener’s power then test if the door closes as expected. You can try placing your hand on the sensors. When the unit stops and opens accordingly, it means that you have installed the sensors properly. 
When you encounter any issue beyond anything that you can handle, it is also a good idea to get a professional’s help to help you with the installation. A technician who specializes in this area has knowledge with the different aspects of repairing garage door repair and can help to effectively assess any potential problems that may bring headaches down the road including the proper functioning of garage door sensors.

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