Swing Out Carriage Garage Door Opener

http://www.realcarriagedoors.com/hardware-cat.php?page=openers Great engineering is the secret behind the simplicity and smooth operation of this ceiling-mou…

Quick Easy Garage Door Make Over- with a couple of cans of paint and some hardware- change the look of your garage door to a carriage door.
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31 thoughts on “Swing Out Carriage Garage Door Opener

  1. rhythmstring says:

    It looks like a 356C built about 1963 or 64 maybe. They are the most wonderful cars ever built. My first car was a 1956 356A. I wish I still had it.

  2. paul hunter says:

    what porsche is that

  3. paul hunter says:

    lovly porsche

  4. Only a simple Ads. Not any helping idea of nothing

  5. littlefrank90 says:

    you played too much garry’s mod

  6. Its such a simple idea, yet its works so well!
    Wish I had that kinda of space in my garage!

  7. Kevin Naderi says:

    my garage looks awesom too

  8. Kevin Naderi says:

    the doors are pushed out and pulled in by a pare of rods

  9. lol


  11. I think the garage door opener looks like it is an ultra quiet dc motor

  12. Nope. Can not do that. I would have to buy the glass panels. Looks o.k…..but I do not paint fake windows on the side of my house, so I have to say I can not paint fake windows on to my garage door.

  13. HighSierraBob says:

    It sure looks like glass!

  14. southernmainedoorpro says:

    That looks like crap buy a glass section

  15. ingenious !

  16. thebellanextdoor says:

    What a neat idea! Love it!

  17. Taxminia0311 says:

    That’s what you call tightass tackiness lololo lmao

  18. Jessica Ramey says:

    What a clever idea! Well done!

  19. btw, if trompe l’oeil is what he set out to achieve…then props to him. he did it. it fools my eye. cool artistic effect, fer sure

  20. fake. but who cares? we’re talking curb appeal here…not actuality. if up close scrutiny is the issue…buy real carriage doors and say bye, bye to some big $. imho, it looks great

  21. supertrucker1863 says:

    Nice very nice. the black has a glass like sheen to it.

  22. also, im almost positive thats an Overhead Door

  23. halloween1505 says:


  24. halloween1505 says:


  25. halloween1505 says:


  26. halloween1505 says:

    Good job! three year ago same as too my garage door ! some poeple think real window… lol

  27. Kevin Naderi says:


  28. xxFOXxxI2ACINGxx says:

    that looks great how does it look upclose tho?

  29. Ha, thats pretty cool, think we can see the opener?

  30. Good job Shay! I might try that on my garage door.

  31. great stuff. i always love simple idea that give huge effect. thanks man.

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