Garage Door Spring Replacement I show how I replaced my broken garage door spring. This is VERY DANGEROUS so don’t try thi…

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25 thoughts on “ Garage Door Spring Replacement

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  3. Liftmaster1355 says:

    Also make a vid when doing so, so I can see if you are doing it correctly.

  4. Liftmaster1355 says:

    Make a mark on the tube that the springs are on about 1/4 in from the springs winding cone. Wile one of the winding bars is still in the cone, pull the bar up slightly, then with the other winding bar hit the bottom of the winding bar that is in the winding cone. This will stretch out the spring a bit. The reason you do this, is so the spring does not bind on its self and cause it to break quicker.

  5. Liftmaster1355 says:

    After you wound the springs you did not stretch them out. To do so after you finish winding the spring before tightening down the screws, out

  6. toddrharrison says:

    @Lifmaster, Please share. :) 
    PS: correct spelling is “important”.

  7. Liftmaster1355 says:

    you forgot to do something very inportant

  8. toddrharrison says:

    @LifeMasterJoe2, Thanks and it is working great.

  9. Good thing for garages, lol, it is one of my favorite hang outs. Like a sign I have in my garage says..”what happens in the garage stays in the garage” or something like that. Well, I do love hanging out in my shack also, I am very happy to have that. Yes, I will be getting a QSL card for that contact also to hang in the collection here so I am happy about that. Thanks for the reply Todd and keep up the great videos!

  10. @ RadioHamGuy,Thanks! I see you made some Cali contacts on the set of “Last Man Standing” from Minnesota. That’s a cool contact. You going to get a QSL card for that? Your shack looks SO cool. I showed my wife and she said I couldn’t build anything like that in the house. I’m just glad I have the garage.

  11. I did call a professional since I didn’t have the right tools and really didn’t know how to figure out how tight I would need it, never knew about the formula. Great video, you did a fine job and are very handy. I sure learned some things that I didn’t know so keep up the great videos Todd!

  12. Perfect! I wanted a sanity check after fixing my door that way. Thanks for this and all your great videos!

  13. It would but I couldn’t get to the spring like that on my door..

  14. Assuming you could reach though when the door is UP… Why can’t you just 1) Raise the door by hand. 2) wind the cable all the way around each grooved pulley thing.. 3) tighten the set screws on the spring (reaching through between the bottom of the door and the wall from below)?

    That would take away all the scary loading…

  15. toddrharrison says:

    Yes, that is what the line is for and it is a visual that the spring didn’t’ slip. But that is the first spring I have seen with a line. Must be something new they are doing but I guess you could always make your own line if you wanted. I don’t get exactly 1 foot per rotation, I get a bit less so my spring is still showing 1/2 rotation on the line when up.

  16. toddrharrison says:

    Thanks RimstarOrg.

  17. Good Job. I watched the installers do mine ( same 3 door combo as you ) and they used the painted stripe that is on the spring until there were the desired number of appearances were showing. I think your explanation of rotation of shaft to door height makes sense provided each rotation lifts 1 foot.

  18. I don’t have a car (in the middle of the city), let alone a garage, but I enjoyed watching this anyway. No better way to see how something works than seeing it being put together. Good video!

  19. toddrharrison says:

    Interesting. Each spring would still have to be turned ~7 times because that is how many times the spring bar rotates as the door opens. Mine rotates 6.5 times when in the fully up position. If you had less than 6.5 turns than the springs would start pulling against the motor instead of helping the motor as it got to the fully open position. I guess you would need even smaller weaker springs to get the 7 turns. Not sure they make garage door springs that small and/or weak enough.

  20. Thanks!

  21. toddrharrison says:

    Glad to help. And I loved that Bell & Howell retro Apple II video you did the other day.

  22. Really cool, informative video.  I’ll definitely use the tips you recommended at the intro (when I eventually buy a home!)

  23. Other things to do: 1) Manually operate the door when it’s released from the opener. It should be pretty neutrally balanced. 2) Test the openers auto-reverse feature by putting a roll of paper towels below the door. That should be enough to reverse it.

    In our area, building code requires a second door reverse sensor. Either an LED beam, or pneumatic tube along the bottom of the door. Test those too, if you have them.

  24. toddrharrison says:

    I think most of my subscribers will feel the same as you but I’m thinking many thousands of people could be out there searching for such information. I sat on this video for a month or more thinking I wasn’t going to spend the 3 hours of editing and blog posting. I just hope it helps some people in case they are thinking of trying this repair before they go kill themselves.

  25. Nice video, nice and informative even if it’s something i’d never do myself.

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