What Is a Carriage House Garage Door?

Carriage house doors as the term implies have been traditionally placed outside the house and were being used by horse-drawn carriages during the past decade. As years passed by, these garage doors were utilized by a number of people to park their vehicles. These were originally crafted from the different kinds of wood materials and they function in a swinging manner, can be folded or can be opened sideways. Carriage house style doors are the latest trend in beauty for car port doors and are growing rapidly and becoming popular in today’s home architecture.

Many people prefer choosing carriage house doors because it offers a better look and also provides a more distinctive and authentic appearance to their home. Although these doors are a little bit expensive than the traditional ones, homeowners still believe that it’s worth the price they pay for because it adds an elegant touch to their house appeal.

Carriage Garage Doors Come In Two Essential Designs:
The first and foremost is the door that has two sided hinged doors swinging outside to open and this is called the swinging style because of the swinging motion of the doors when they open or maybe the two doors that open sideways. The second style is the carriage style where it functions like the vintage carriage house doors. These doors open outward while opening in the overhead style.

Modern technology has produced various kinds of gates styles for a carriage garage door. They can come in the form of wood, steel, wood composite or fiber glass. The door can be installed either manually or with the use of garage door opener.

Wood carriage style offers an elegant and distinctive beauty into a house.

With the aid of modern architectural designs, wooden carriage doors can become so beautiful. The authentic handicrafts of your door give you a cozy interior and provide a grandeur appeal to the outside. So your wooden carriage house door whether it swings widely open or standing against the ground would still give you a remarkable and impressive appearance to your home’s structure. Wood carriage doors require a regular maintenance in order to maintain its natural and elegant look.

Steel carriage house gates are the most popular doorways because it expresses designs with a very classic and typical look as well as practicality. Since they are designed and built on the strength and integrity of steel, they are the toughest and more dependable, environmentally friendly and require low level of maintenance. These doors have several layers that provide superior energy efficiency and help in the reduction of noise. With the two layers of steel and solid core insulation, your door will surely have a high performance and long lasting durability.

These doors are made of recyclable wood materials and fibers. However, they provide a rich natural appearance with the combination of wood and the durability of steel. They are very unique, stylish door type and are nature friendly. They don’t show any signs of rust, breakage or any rotting and they also provide energy efficiency.

Fiber glass carriage door consist of aluminum frame with some sections of fiber glass. Fiber glass doors are sometimes used only in places where light transmission is vital but these gateways are not really popular.

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